Silver and gold

Valérie began by working mainly with silver and created jewelry, rings for the most part, with generous dimensions.


Then his work evolved towards increasingly fine volumes, jewels where every detail, every fine granule, every light texture takes on all its importance. Then the color of the traditional Portuguese 19.2 carat yellow gold imposed itself. This hot gold, very close to Chadian gold, gives both a delicate old-fashioned character to the jewelry and, by contrast, allows a harmonious enhancement of the colored stones.


Valérie is particularly fond of tourmalines. She loves the vast palette of their tones and the inclusions often present in these gems. Colors and inclusions make each stone unique.

She likes to associate the softness of cabochons with the luminosity of faceted stones, to play with the shades of tourmalines or, on the contrary, to assume the contrasts of pinks and blues.




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