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valerie lachuer creatrice bijoux de createur
Valerie Lachuer- bijoux de créateur - jewelry maker - fine jewelry

photos credit: Lisbonbytlight

In 2001 Valérie went to live in Africa, in Chad. She will stay there ten years. She discovered the world of metalworking with Chadian artisans: cast iron, Forge, cutting, filigree… Gestures that she would later reproduce in her workshop.


Back in Europe, in Portugal, Valérie followed a professional jeweler training at the Contacto Directo School then at the Centro de Joalharia de Lisboa and graduated in 2014.


In 2015, she set up her studio in Lisbon, in the Alcantara district, at Lx Factory, a former printing house converted into spaces dedicated to creators, a popular place for international visitors.


The workshop is located upstairs to avoid too many visits and allow you to work calmly. Visitors curious about beautiful objects, however, find their way to the workshop-boutique.

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