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valerie lachuer artisan bijoutier technique de granulation
tachnique de granulation valerie lachuer



She makes each granule and welds them one by one. Each granule is unique, the desired result is not perfection but harmony, accuracy.


For some larger rings, the granules are arranged in rain until they form a gold or silver foam.


For her finer jewelry, the challenge for Valérie was to succeed in soldering a fine line of granules on the setting of the rings or on thin hoops, without these granules being held by any support, as if in suspension.

The desired result is the simplicity and lightness of the design.

bague en or de createur granulation valerie lachuer
Valerie Lachuer bague Roma en or et tourmaline



Valérie rarely polishes her jewelry, she prefers to play with materials.

She creates different finishes to gently capture the light and give depth to the jewel through the effects of contrasts.


A texture made at the stall on the setting brings a soft luminosity around each stone and highlights the softness of the cabochons.

The ring of the rings is most often sanded manually by crossing the ridges on the metal.

The areas close to the granules are sanded uniformly in order to obtain a matte finish which contrasts with the fine granules which are themselves always polished.

The ring edges are also polished to create a contrast and ensure optimal comfort.

Bagues de crateur en or et améthyste valerie lachuer
Bague de createur en or et tourmaline valerie lachuer
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